Agent Obie

Status: In development (sometimes)

Agent Obie preview image

Agent Obie / 2D Action Stealth Platformer

In Agent Obie you must navigate through an array of challenging levels using precise platforming skills, an arsenal of gadgets, and puzzle-solving capabilities to overcome the plot set forth by an unknown global assailant.


Agent Obie is a mercenary employed by Onyx, an undercover agency tasked with protecting the world against the highest level of threats. His most recent job is to infiltrate a heavily-fortified encampment that has been emitting signs of hostile activity. You join Obie as he seeks to find out what could be going on there, and who is behind it.

Background on Agent Obie

Agent Obie has been in development for roughly two years. I return to Agent Obie as a hobby when I have time, which isn't often.

Tools Used

  • Godot
  • PyxelEdit
  • GraphicsGale
  • Tiled2D
  • sfxr

Development of Agent Obie was originally done using my custom built engine Peachy, but development time was slow so Agent Obie was migrated to Godot, a free and open source game engine.

Levels are built using Tiled2D, sprites are done in either PyxelEdit or GraphicsGale, sound effects are outsourced or thrown together in sfxr.