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Showing off inspirational game art and messages for gamedevs.

GameDevInspo (GDI) is a blog that features high-quality art geared towards game development enthusiast. This includes behind the scenes, concept art, mockups, work-in-progresses, and more.

The GDI feed can be seen on it's website, instagram, twitter, and facebook.

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Background on GameDevInspo

I made GDI in 2014. Initially it was a tumblr blog to scrapbook images I found inspiring but after gaining followers I started to invest time into it. Now GDI is another one of my hobby projects. I usually add to the feed when I'm doing game development because that is when I'm browsing for inspiring content, but sometimes I add to the feed just for the fun of it.

Tools Used

Behind the scenes GDI is using a scraper to pull images across the web from my favorite artists and developers. This scraper is developed using python and various web-scraping utilities. This tool is currently closed-source but I hope to release it once I'm done with it.