Status: Archived (2017)

Peachy preview image

A Python3 framework that makes developing 2D games peachy keen

Peachy is built on top of pygame and utilizing many of it's low level libraries and adding additional functionality commonly required for 2D game development.

This functionality includes: collision detection, state management, resource management, and others.


Peachy was developed alongside Agent Obie and Over Yonder.

The idea behind peachy was to create a batteries included solution for developing 2D games in Python 3. Think "Flask but for gamedev". While this was a lot of fun to work on, development was slow and it wasn't a sustainable idea.

Peachy reached it's twilight in 2017 after I ported Agent Obie to Godot. Peachy is no longer maintained, but if anyone wants to dust it off and give it a go, I would encourage you to do so 😀 !